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AmeriCares Green Farms


Terms like “Care Farming,” “Farming for Health,” and “Green Care” refer to the movement of using farming and outdoor activities to increase well-being and quality of life.  Such farming offers physical, psychological, social, spiritual/philosophical, and educational benefits from exposure and interaction with nature, plants, and/or animals.  

CR38V3 M1ND5 is creating a network of “green care farms.”   These network farms will host volunteers to do chores or participate in meaningful activities (relative to each client’s capabilities).  The term “farm” encompasses working farms as well as green spaces and landscapes.  

Participating types of farms/green spaces/landscapes:

  • Farms that work with livestock

  • Gardening/Horticulture farms

  • Animal sanctuaries

  • Crop farms

  • Organized activities in a natural setting

The mission of AmeriCares Green Care Farms is to…

  • Provide a tool to help manage their mental wellness, decrease stress, and increase their quality of life.

  • Enable connection with/working in nature, plants, and/or animals in order to receive the physical, psychological, social, spiritual, and educational benefits from the activities.

  • Provide opportunities for increasing one’s knowledge and/or skills regarding farming/animals/gardening activities.

  • Offer meaningful activities to help clients structure their time and increase their confidence and self esteem.

  • Offer clients the opportunity to connect and engage with their community. 

AmeriCares is not about therapy, but its aim IS to be therapeutic.  This program utilizes nature as the therapist.  We emphasize the positive aspects of working outdoors, performing purposeful tasks that benefit the client and the farm.  Our focus is more on the process than the outcome.  

Volunteering is an important part of the program.  It reminds us how valuable our lives truly are.  Knowing their intervention has helped progress the tasks and goals gives the clients feelings of accomplishment and connection.

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